Consider hosting a screening of MLTS, or be on a panel/share video of your innovative practices at ND STEAM 2017.

If your school, district or group is interested in hosting a screening of Most Likely to Succeed at no cost, please contact Beth Larson-Steckler at (701)328-3544 or Shauna Greff at (701)328-2958. Contact NDDPI to alert staff to innovative activities being implemented in the classroom. Contact Beth Larson-Steckler at 701-328-3544.

In August and September 2016 North Dakota Greater Chamber (NDGC), North Dakota United (NDU) along with North Dakota Department of Public Instruction (NDDPI) hosted a statewide tour showcasing the award-winning film Most Likely to Succeed. Ted Dintersmith, executive producer of the film, joined the tour, and at all sites along the route, Mr. Dintersmith visited with educators, administrators, community members, parents and legislators. The goal of the film was to start a conversation at the community level regarding innovative educational strategies that are hands-on, integrative and encourage students to apply their knowledge. The documentary encouraged audiences to reimagine and rethink what school should look like in the twenty first century. At the conclusion of the tour, Mr. Dintersmith graciously provided NDDPI with a number of DVDs of the film to allow schools, districts, community groups, parent groups and other interested stakeholders the opportunity to host a community viewing of the film in a collaborative setting at no cost (the typical cost of viewing this film is approximately $300.00). This opportunity extends through the 2016-2017 school year. In taking some next steps, NDDPI is interested in hearing from educators and administrators who are moving forward and implementing innovative practices in their schools and districts. NDDPI is very interested in receiving information on what is occurring in the hopes of sharing it on a broader spectrum with other educators and administrators throughout North Dakota. Mr. Dintersmith will be providing the keynote talk at the ND STEAM Spring Conference hosted by the North Dakota Council of Teachers of Mathematics and North Dakota Science Teachers Association. The conference is being held in Minot, North Dakota on March 24-25. The conferences will highlight schools and districts taking innovative steps in implementing hands-on, integrative, real-world learning. NDDPI is asking schools and districts to highlight and share these innovative practices in short video snippets, and we would like to post these video snippets online and create a montage to be shown at the ND STEAM spring conference. The conference will also include an Innovative Practices panel discussion with Mr. Dintersmith and educators from across North Dakota.

SAVE THE DATE! Plan to attend the ND STEAM Spring conference on March 24-25! Submit a proposal to present your innovative practice at the conference. Participate in the Innovative Discussion as a panelist or participant at the conference. For more information about the conference, go to or

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact any team member: Beth Larson-Steckler (701)328-3544 Kay Mayer (701)328-3216 Shauna Greff (701)328-2958 Gail Schauer (701)328-2755 Ann Ellefson (701)328-2488